BSL-2/3+ Facilities

Leveraging a state of the art facility and highly experienced scientific staff, IITRI offers extensive infectious disease capabilities. We have over 10,000 square feet of CDC-approved, Biosafety (BSL) Level 2 and Biosafety Level 3+ laboratories. Our high containment facility is utilized to perform in vivo efficacy and GLP-compliant safety studies for rodent, non-rodent, and non-human primate (NHP) studies.

Bioaerosol Capabilities

Our BSL-3 / ABSL-3 containment facility includes an aerosol inhalation laboratory for in vivo challenge studies using aerosol delivery of pathogens. IITRI utilizes a proprietary bioaerosol generation system that is comprised of six PARI LC plus nebulizers, and a 64-port nose-only exposure chamber through which supply and exhaust air are controlled by regulators and flow meters. Advantages of this system include:

Inhalation System Feature Advantage
Lower pressures for aerosol generation Higher bacterial and viral survival rates
Higher spray factors and shorter exposure times
Nose only administration Provides localized and quantifiable administration of test agent
64-port inhalation exposure chamber Allows a larger number of animals to be tested at once
Reduces number of exposure runs and decreases variability in the study
Efficient aerosol generation mechanism Eliminates the need for concentration steps prior to aerosol generation
Reduced foaming incidence Eliminates the need for surfactants that weaken bacterial cell walls