IITRI is pleased to announce the addition of immunophenotyping services using flow cytometry to our ex vivo assay offerings.

In flow cytometry, multiple properties can be analyzed simultaneously at the single cell level by generating a stream of cells in single-file which pass through a series of lasers and detectors at a speed of up to 10,000 cells per second. The availability of fluorescently-tagged antibodies specific for cell surface and intracellular markers or proteins allows the characterization and quantitation of specific cell types within a complex matrix such as blood, bodily fluids and tissues. By analyzing the quantity and characteristic of multiple immune cells (or immunophenotyping) in blood or tissues, researchers can gain a greater understanding of disease properties and the mechanisms of specific treatments.

With the recent addition of a BD FACSCelestaTM 14-parameter multicolor flow cytometer, IITRI now offers immunophenotyping, cytochemistry, and cell-cytokine services. Immunophenotyping will be particularly useful for infectious disease preclinical studies to characterize an organism’s immune response against a pathogen, and to monitor immune system dynamics over time or in response to therapeutics. These newly added services expand IITRI’s infectious disease and biodefense capabilities for animal model development and evaluation of new vaccines and antivirals against infectious pathogens.