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Ferret infection model:

Since early in the pandemic, IITRI has been working on developing new animal models to test out therapeutics and treatments for COVID-19 (in addition to in vitro offerings of efficacy assays, neutralization assays, and surface decontaminant studies)

Using our previous expertise on the ferret influenza model, our team first developed a ferret model for SARS-CoV-2. Although the ferret model shows no clinical signs, it still sheds virus and can used as an infection model with one endpoint being viral titers from nasal washes.


Basic study design:




Syrian hamster model:

Seeking a more representative animal model for COVID-19, our team has developed the syrian hamster model based off results seen in previously published studies (1) (2). This model shows changes in body weight during the course of the study, as well as viral load and shedding in the nasal wash data as well.  Histopathology results have shown inflammation in the lungs, as well as effects in the brain.

Basic study design:








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