Genetic Toxicology

Researchers have been relying on IITRI for genetic toxicology services for more than 20 years. We offer a comprehensive GLP test battery to meet ICH and OECD guidelines for global submission to regulatory agencies. Our team is knowledgeable in global regulatory requirements and will provide you with important insight and assessments related to study results.

Core Services

  • Ames assay
  • Structural chromosome aberration assay
  • Rat micronucleus assay (2 sex or 1 sex assay)
  • Mouse micronucleus assay (2 sex or 1 sex assay)
  • Mouse lymphoma assay
  • Neutral red cytotoxicity assay
  • In vitro micronucleus assay

The IITRI Advantage

  • Direct interaction with PhD-level study directors
  • Highly experienced and tenured scientific staff, providing you with a seasoned and stable project team
  • Collaborative approach to solving challenges and optimizing performance of your program
  • Flexible programs available to meet your specific needs, from complete GLP test battery to non-GLP assays and individual test options
  • Technical advisory and support regarding interpretation of study results
  • On-site analytical laboratory to support GLP requirements for genetic toxicology studies