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As a mid-size preclinical CRO, IITRI provides the full range of IND-enabling toxicology services of a large CRO with the personalized interactions of a much smaller, research-minded organization. We offer preclinical programs to evaluate the safety of small molecule drugs and biologics that fully support IND/NDA submissions of new drug candidates. We have extensive experience in GLP-compliant repeat-dose and nonclinical safety pharmacology studies in rats, minipigs, ferrets, dogs, and nonhuman primates. We also specialize in inhalation toxicology, with expertise in the aerosol generation of liquids, powders, and solids and the use of inhalation devices.

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Safety Assessment of (E/Z)-Endoxifen and (E/Z)-Endoxifen Gel in Toxicology Screening Assays
E. R. Glaze1, T. L. Horn2, P. T. Curry2, M. Muzzio2, M. Dougherty3, D. B. Learn3, and D. L. McCormick2
1Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD; 2IIT Research Institute, Chicago, IL; and 3Charles River Laboratories, Horsham, PA.

Repeat-Dose Toxicity and Metabolism of Topical E/Z-Endoxifen Gel in Minipigs
W D. Johnson1, M. Muzzio1, C. J . Detrisac2, E. R. Glaze3, and D. L. McCormick1
1IIT Research Institute, Chicago, IL; 2CRL-Pathology Associates, Chicago, IL; and 3Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD.

Immunogenicity and Safety Assessment of Hantaan and Puumala Virus DNA Vaccines in Rabbits
T. L. Horn1, K. N. Page1, G. Long2, A. C. Shurtleff2, C. J. Detrisac1, and W. D. Johnson1
1IIT Research Institute, Chicago, IL; 2The Geneva Foundation, Tacoma, WA; and 3Charles River Laboratories, Chicago, IL.

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Name Title Experience
Bill Johnson, PhD, DABT Manager, Toxicology Division Acute, subchronic, carcinogenicity and reproduction/teratology toxicology studies involving rodents, rabbits, minipigs, dogs, and nonhuman primates
"Raj" Rajendran, PhD Manager, Inhalation Toxicology Division Inhalation toxicology programs, aerosol generation, aerosol/vapor generation system design
David McCormick, PhD, DABT President Carcinogenesis and cancer prevention, nonclinical toxicology and the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation (magnetic fields)
Todd Bucciarelli, MBA Director, Business Development Strategic assessment, planning and optimization of IND-enabling safety and toxicology programs

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