Non-GLP Toxicology


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Non-GLP Toxicology


There is an increasing trend towards conducting non-GLP exploratory toxicology studies in drug discovery to provide clues to a drug candidate’s potential toxicity prior to initiating preclinical toxicology programs. Conducting exploratory toxicology studies can minimize the risk of failure during preclinical studies by providing information on a drug candidate’s toxicology risks and assisting with the design of GLP toxicology studies.

At IITRI, our highly experienced PhD, DABT study directors can assist with the design of a non-GLP exploratory toxicology study customized to the requirements of your program.

Non-GLP toxicology studies in drug discovery include:

  • PK/bioavailability
  • Single and repeat dose range finding toxicology
  • Acute, subchronic and chronic toxicology

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