Reproductive Toxicology

The IITRI team is ready to help you with developmental and reproductive toxicology (DART) studies for the evaluation of drugs, chemicals, pesticides, food additives and animal health products. Our team of scientists has extensive experience conducting a broad range of reproductive toxicology studies in rats and rabbits, including studies requiring inhalation as the route of administration and OECD studies.

Core Services

  • Embryo-fetal development in mice, rats and rabbits
  • Fertility and early embryonic development toxicity studies in rats and mice
  • Pre- and post-natal development toxicity studies in rats and mice
  • Routes of administration including oral, IM, IV, dermal, ocular, and inhalation
  • Small molecule drugs, biologics, vaccines, chemicals, consumer products and agrochemicals

The IITRI Advantage

  • Extensive experience evaluating the effects of small molecule drug candidates reproductive toxicity in rats and rabbits
  • Access to a large historical control database
  • Highly experienced and tenured scientific staff providing you with a seasoned and stable project team for the duration of your study
  • Technical advisory and support regarding interpretation of study results
  • Board-certified toxicology, pathology and veterinary staff