Vaccine and Antiviral Development


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IITRI has over 15 years of experience in vaccine development, GLP vaccine toxicology, and monitoring immune responses from viral and biologic therapies for pre-clinical studies and clinical trial support. Studies have focused on inactivated live attenuated viral and bacterial preparations, plasmid DNA, nanoparticles, and viral vector immunotherapies, as well as adjuvanted vaccines.

The race to develop vaccines and anti-infectives against emerging new pathogens (e.g., COVID-19, Zika, Ebola) and long-standing infectious diseases (e.g., influenza, monkeypox, tuberculosis) is accelerating due to innovations in vaccine technologies and therapeutic strategies.

Yet, once the potential of a new vaccine or treatment is confirmed in vitro, researchers who are unfamiliar with the in vivo challenge and GLP toxicology studies required for IND submissions may be unclear on how to proceed. We can also support vaccine clinical trials through large batch sera testing with HAI and MN assays in our virology and immunology group.

At IITRI, we have the expertise to walk you through the whole process successfully.