Zika AG129 Mouse Model

A Zika mouse model utilizing the PRV ABC59 Zika virus strain responsible for the ongoing outbreak in South and Central America is now available to evaluate new therapeutics or vaccines to combat the virus. IITRI is one of the first commercial labs in the country to acquire this Zika virus strain (see our press release), and the first CRO to offer Zika mouse model testing for vaccine or antiviral drug candidates.

IFNr-KO, AG129 mice*, fully competent in their humoral immune response were inoculated with the PRV ABC59 Zika strain and were observed for signs of infection. The Zika PRV ABC59 strain is not mouse-adapted and has a very low passage number. The mice demonstrated symptoms of acute viral disease and lethal infection.

*A wild-type mouse model of Zika virus utilizing an IFN-receptor blocking antibody is also available. The wt model can be used to evaluate wild-type immune responses to vaccinations or prophylactic treatments prior to subsequent viral challenges.

Experimental Design
AG129 mice (30 male) were divided into 6 groups and were inoculated subcutaneously with 100 to 104 PFU of Zika virus inoculum diluted in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). Following challenge, mice are monitored at least two times each day for clinical signs of disease for at least 28 days in an ongoing study.

Survival Curve
A survival curve with the experimental groups with increasing viral inoculation is shown above.

Study Readouts
Readouts of survival, viremia (serum or tissues), weight change, and clinical observations are available.

Download the Zika Mouse Model Technical Sheet