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Pleus RC, Bruce G, Klintworth H, Sullivan D, Johnson W, Rajendran N, and Keenan J. Repeated dose inhalation developmental toxicity study in rats exposed to cellulose insulation with boric acid additive. Inhal Toxicol. 2019:1-11. Epub 2019/03/04.

Eiden J, Gordon G, Fierro C, Belshe R, Greenberg H, Hoft D, Hatta Y, Imboden M, Moser M, Herber R, Boltz D, et al. 1970. Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Intranasal Immunization with M2-Deficient, Single Replication, Live Influenza Vaccine (M2SR): Safety and Immune Response in Adults. Open Forum Infectious Diseases. 2018;5(suppl_1):S571-S2.

Hatta Y, Boltz D, et al. Novel influenza vaccine M2SR protects against drifted H1N1 and H3N2 influenza virus challenge in ferrets with pre-existing immunity. Vaccine. 2018;36(33):5097-103. Epub 2018/07/13.

Toxicology and Inhalation Toxicology

Pleus RC, Bruce G, Klintworth H, Sullivan D, Johnson W, Rajendran N, and Keenan J. Repeated dose inhalation developmental toxicity study in rats exposed to cellulose insulation with boric acid additive. Inhal Toxicol. 2019:1-11. Epub 2019/03/04.

Moore L, Yang J, Lan TTH, Osawa E, Lee D-K, Johnson WD, et al. 2016. Biocompatibility Assessment of Detonation Nanodiamond in Non-Human Primates and Rats Using Histological, Hematologic, and Urine Analysis. ACS Nano.10(8):7385-400.

Manjanatha MG, Shelton SD, Haber L, Gollapudi B, MacGregor JA, Rajendran N, Moore MM. 2015. Evaluation of cII mutations in lung of male Big Blue mice exposed by inhalation to vanadium pentoxide for up to 8 weeks. Mutat Res Genet Toxicol Environ Mutagen 789-790:46-52.

Eldridge SR, Covey J, Morris J, Fang B, Horn TL, Elsass KE, Hamre JR 3rd, McCormick DL, Davis MA. 2014. Characterization of acute biliary hyperplasia in Fisher 344 Rats administered the Indole-3-Carbinol Analog, NSC-743380. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 281(3):303-9.

Rajendran N, Hu SC, Sullivan D, Muzzio M et al. 2012. Toxicologic evaluation of tungsten: 28-day inhalation study of tungsten blue oxide in rats. Inhal Toxicol 24(14):985-94.

Repacholi MH, Lerchl A, Roosli M, Sienkiewicz Z, Auvinen A, Breckenkamp J, d'Inzeo G, Elliott P, Frei P, Heinrich S, Lagroye I, Lahkola A, McCormick DL, Thomas S, Vecchia, Pl. 2012.Systematic review of wireless phone use and brain cancer and other head tumors. Bioelectromagnetics 33(3):187-206.

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Kapetanovic IM, Horn TL, Johnson WD, Cwik MJ, Detrisac CJ, McCormick DL. 2010. Murine oncogenicity and pharmacokinetics studies of 9-cis-UAB30, an RXR agonist, for breast cancer chemoprevention. Int J Toxicol 29(2):157-64. J Pharm Biomed Anal 52(4):544-9.

Analytical Chemistry and Pharmacokinetics

Lee O, Muzzio M, et al. Abstract OT3-02-09: 2017. Abstract OT3-02-09: Phase II pre-surgical window trial of telapristone acetate (TPA) in early breast cancer and DCIS patients: Distribution of TPA in plasma, normal breast tissue and tumors. Cancer Research 77 (4 Supplement):OT3-02-09-OT3-02-09. doi: 10.1158/1538-7445.sabcs16-ot3-02-09.3.

Sahadevan M, Lee O, Muzzio M et al. The relationship of single strand breaks in DNA to breast cancer risk and to tissue concentrations of oestrogens. Biomarkers. 2017:1-31.

Holleran JL, Beumer JH, McCormick DL, Johnson WD et al. 2015. Oral and intravenous pharmacokinetics of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxycytidine and THU in cynomolgus monkeys and humans. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 76(4):803-11.

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Cancer Chemoprovention and Chemotherapy

Thompson MD, Lubet RA, McCormick DL, et al. Lack of chemopreventive efficacy of metformin in rodent models of urinary bladder, head and neck, and colon/intestine cancer. Oncology Letters. 2017(14):3480-6. doi: 10.3892/ol.2017.6632.

Gong Y, Capstick MH, Kuehn S, Wilson PF, Ladbury JM, Koepke G, McCormick DL, et al. 2017. Life-Time Dosimetric Assessment for Mice and Rats Exposed in Reverberation Chambers for the Two-Year NTP Cancer Bioassay Study on Cell Phone Radiation. IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility PP (99):1-11. doi: 10.1109/TEMC.2017.2665039.

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Cancer Biology

Peng X, McCormick DL. 2016. Identification of reliable reference genes for quantitative gene expression studies in oral squamous cell carcinomas compared to adjacent normal tissues in the F344 rat model. Oncology Reports 36(2):1076-84. doi: 10.3892/or.2016.4883.

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Infectious Disease

Hatta Y, Boltz D, et al. Novel influenza vaccine M2SR protects against drifted H1N1 and H3N2 influenza virus challenge in ferrets with pre-existing immunity. Vaccine. 2018;36(33):5097-103. Epub 2018/07/13.

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Grossman TH, Anderson MS, Christ D, Gooldy M, Henning LN, Heine HS, Kindt MV, Lin W. et al. The fluorocycline TP-271 is efficacious in models of aerosolized Francisella tularensis SCHU S4 infection in BALB/c mice and cynomolgus macaques. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2017.

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Other Topics

Peng YJ, Zhang X, Gridina A, Chupikova I, McCormick DL, et al. 2017. Complementary roles of gasotransmitters CO and H2S in sleep apnea. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1620717114

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Wren MA, Dauchy RT, Hanifin JP, Jablonski MR, Warfield B, Brainard GC, Blask DE, Hill SM, Ooms TG, Bohm RP, Jr. 2014. Effect of different spectral transmittances through tinted animal cages on circadian metabolism and physiology in Sprague-Dawley rats. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci 53(1):44-51.

Swarup VP, Huang Y, Murillo G, Saleiro D, Mehta RG, Bishnoi SW. 2011. Modeling the cellular impact of nanoshell-based biosensors using mouse alveolar macrophage cultures. Metallomics 3(11):1218-26.

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