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IITRI is proud to share the promising news of one of our partners, Moleculin! 

Our team here at IITRI was contracted to perform additional in vitro testing of their drug candidate (WP1122) for antiviral effects against SARS-CoV-2. We used growth medium that more closely resembled that of levels found in humans instead of typical glucose conditions in growth medium for similar assays. We continue to work with Moleculin for preclinical toxicology testing as well.

Mr. Klemp, Chairman and CEO of Moleculin said : “We should also remind investors that WP1122 is just one compound in a broad portfolio of molecules in this class of antimetabolites.  We are also testing other compounds in the portfolio against SARS-CoV-2 and other life-threatening viruses.  We believe WP1122 is promising, but we also don’t want to overlook additional opportunities to potentially provide new and better solutions to other viral diseases.”

Promising news either way- we look forward to continuing to work with Moleculin and other partners in the fight against COVID-19.


Read the full press release here.